13 Years of Experience

Just some of the results for Attorney Aaron Gaddis…

In the last calendar year,

  • 2 separate F3 sex assault cases dismissed and sealed
  • Hundreds of marijuana plants and 100+ lbs of marijuana dismissed completely and sealed
  • 50 marijuana plants and numerous pounds of marijuana held to a petty offense with a $150 fine
  • Domestic violence case dismissed, military client whose case was sealed allowing him to possess fire arms and stay in the military

Prior successes

  • Succeeded in getting felony aggravated sentence of 110 years dismissed based upon violation of the IAD
  • Arranged for M2 child abuse, non-sexual offense basis from F3 sex assault by force charge
  • Obtained F5, stipulation to probation and non-indeterminate sentence for client charged with two F3 sex
    assaults by force
  • Succeeded in showing that a 1st Degree Murder charge could not prosecuted prosecuted due to competency
  • Handled department of corrections, life sentence cases as well as dealt with clients with a myriad of
    mental health issues

Continued Education, Mentoring, and Compliance

  • Numerous trainings, webinars, state conferences
  • Advised and mentored numerous young attorneys on trial tactics, negotiations and helped get numerous cases dismissed in the process
  • Never grieved